Raw material fractionation system

RAW MATERIAL FRACTIONATION SYSTEM MOX IT – SIFRA is a weighing central software that allows controlling all the raw material fractionation processes, which are dosed according to the specifications of a recipe for making a product and by automating electronic scales and interconnection with the ERP system. Application sectors Since this software was designed to …

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Quality certification

After an energetic and deep work focused on the implementation of the Quality Management System (SGC) we certify our processes of Marketing, Design, Development and Implementation under the standard ISO 9001:2015. Continuous improvement as a driver of our actions and quality as the basis of our service, feed our effort and commitment to international standards. …

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Program Support for competitiveness (PAC)

Program Support for competitiveness (PAC) Improve the productivity of your SMEs with technical assistance financed with Non Refundable Contributions. The call will be open until 31 December. You can apply for an NRA of up to AR$1,500,000 to fund it. Goal MiPyMEs that have projects to digitize and automate processes, incorporate design and innovation in …

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