Our values

Innovation culture

We enhance motivation and freedom of expression of ideas. We encourage the creation of an appropriate work environment. We promote internal and external collaboration.

Innovation vision

To be the leading company in the region in the development of solutions for the manufacturing industry
using cutting-edge technology and creating value in new ways.

Innovation strategy

We provide strategic direction towards innovation and value creation.


Our principles, values ​​and culture identify us on each process we develop.

The MOX IT Management assumes the responsibility of maintaining an Innovation Management System with the following scope:

“At MOX IT we have an innovation management system that covers all activities related to innovation initiatives that are developed inside and outside the organization.”

Importance of innovation for MOX IT

At MOX IT we believe that the best way to enhance our business and add value to the industry is through innovation. And for that reason we developed a management system oriented towards innovation.

In addition, we remain aligned with the latest technological trends in the market to adapt to the needs of our clients and the challenges of today. And to achieve this, we constantly focus on the training and empowerment of our employees,
providing them with the necessary support for innovation management.

We contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of the innovation management system through the development of indicators that allow us to understand, evaluate and improve the performance of our innovation processes.

At MOX IT we believe that non-compliance with the requirements of the innovation management system negatively affects the growth of the organization and the needs and expectations of interested parties.