ELearning is here to stay

ELearning is here to stay

Many companies and training providers adopted eLearning out of necessity during the pandemic.

Although we are progressively beginning the return to “normalcy”, the online learning industry shows no signs of slowing down. The world is adapting to new ways of working and training, and eLearning is one of them.

ELearning had clear benefits during the pandemic, helping to keep training going during lockdowns and helping to reduce the risk of infection through personal contact to an absolute minimum.

Many employees prefer to learn online, “cite individual learning pace as the reason” or “prefer less travel time.” Training takes time, which is why MOX IT eLearning is often an attractive option that can easily be adapted to work commitments.

You can take the same training content, but make it more “bitesized”, carried out more regularly, with fewer intervals and shorter between them, while ensuring that candidates are adequately qualified, just like with a face-to-face course.

One of the biggest drivers of MOX IT eLearning adoption is that employees like it! Those who would choose eLearning over classroom learning often prefer to be able to complete the training at their own pace *.

The “little and often” approach to training delivery, combined with learning at an individual’s comfortable pace, can also help when it comes to retaining new knowledge.

However, when planning training, it is important to remember who your learners are and consider how they like to receive the information. As an example it can be considered that most of the staff own a smartphone, they are probably over 45 years old so they may prefer traditional learning in the classroom. Similarly, in this case it is possible to implement MOX IT eLearning with any age group, but employers should consider the additional support that may be necessary as users adapt to new technologies.

Personal capacitándose mediante e-learning utilizando maquinas automatizadas

Getting connected saves time

Reducing the length of courses or eliminating the need to travel altogether helps ensure that training does not affect work-life balance more than necessary. And, of course, there is a significant financial benefit to the employer.

Another highlight is with MOX IT eLearning that employers like their team to be able to complete training to suit their shifts, for example taking a course on their off-shift days to avoid wasting operational time.

When training is more easily accommodated on an employee’s schedule, this can also improve their attitude toward it, making it seem less of an inconvenience or a hassle, and more like the beneficial experience.

Persona capacitándose mediante E-learning

Benefits of using E-learning

  • Unique knowledge base
  • Faster employee development
  • Lower cost for training
  • Greater reach of staff
  • Easily monitor progress
  • Adapts to company policy

Additional business impacts

While structured, one-time, regular, formal or face-to-face learning remains the preferred option for some companies, others find that they and their staff need to keep up with a more technology-centric world. Additionally, after introducing eLearning into their workplace, research * found that 42% of organizations have experienced an increase in revenue.

Additionally, giving employees more convenient access to high-quality regular training through eLearning can help companies maximize productivity and improve employee satisfaction. Training shows employees that they are valued and important to the operation.

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** https://www.finder.com/uk/mobile-internet-statistics#:~:text=In%202020%2C%2084%25%20of%20UK,is%20spent%20on%20social%20media.

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